24/7 RealMedia Website Review & Ratings + 24/7 RealMedia Coupons
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24/7 RealMedia Website Review & Ratings + 24/7 RealMedia Coupons

24/7 RealMedia : Products & Services

24/7 Media Inc. is a technology firm specializing in Digital Advertising. The company provides digital marketing solutions for publishers, advertisers and agencies globally. According to the company, its operations are “both art and science…the art is the idea. The Brand…the science is the technology that delivers, measures and serves your idea to the right people.”

24/7 Media Inc. has two main customers; advertisers and publishers. This is understandable, since the company is essentially a virtual advertising agency. Its product and services are separated under Digital media and Advertising media. 24/7 Media Inc.’s offerings include; Precision targeting and placement, Video and rich media, Campaign management, Website analytics, Reporting and analysis, Comprehensive targeting, Multi-platform ad management, Contract management, AdStream and more.

24/7 RealMedia : Company Background

In 1995, Real Media was formed from a unification of Petry Interactive, Interactive Imaginations and Katz Millennium Marketing. The brain behind this enterprise is David J. Moore, who is currently the company’s chairman and CEO. Sometime in 1995, the company introduced AdStream technology.

In 1997, after some considerable progress, 24/7 Media was founded. However, in 2001, as a result of the tech bubble which caused difficulties for many tech companies, Real Media and 24/7 Media merged to become 24/7 Real Media. The new firm scored its first client that year; The American Airlines Company.

24/7 Real Media proved to be a strong and successful company. In the 12 years of its existence, 24/7 Real Media has absorbed and partnered with many other tech companies and has introduced a long list of innovative products and services. In 2007, 24/7 Real Media was acquired by WPP, one of the world’s biggest communication groups. In April 2012, 24/7 Real Media rebranded itself as 24/7 Media Inc. and expanded its offerings to place itself better in the market.

24/7 RealMedia : Customer Feedback & Reviews

24/7 Media has an interestingly balanced image-based on what these ex/employees and customers had to say. Generally, the reviewers hailed the company’s rich warehouse of talent and learning opportunities. However, many complained of weak management, frequent misunderstandings and communication gaps.

24/7 Media is one of the largest digital advertising/marketing organizations globally. The company has a commendable business reputation, according to this reviewer on IMReportCard.com, “Feedback on this service has been mostly positive, with advertisers reporting that they are pleased with the results of their marketing campaigns through the network, and participating website publishers more than satisfied with their ad revenue shares”.

24/7 RealMedia : Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Based on the quote above, 24/7 Media seems to be a very credible company.  However, the company is not BBB rated. Nonetheless, the company has been covered by numerous media outlets, including Yahoo!, Microsoft.com, Businessweek, Cnet, BusinessWire, AdOps and a host of other media agencies.

24/7 Media Inc works with a host of partners to deliver top drawer online advertising and marketing services to its clients. Some of its partners include the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), Network Advertising Initiative (NIA), Online Publishers Association, ABC Electronic Associate, Adobe, Mindset Media, Point Roll, Mix Po, Quova, Maxifier and United Virtualities. Its clients include Accor, EuroSport.com, Expedia.fr, Hello!, Playboy, Guardian.co.uk, Forbes.com and Dell.

24/7 RealMedia : Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Being such an immense tech marketing firm, 24/7 Media Inc’s website is built professionally and simple. It is to be noted that the company recently migrated to a new site after rebranding itself.

The new site http:///www.247media.com makes many impressive improvements from http:///www.247realmedia.com. Google ranks the page with 6/10.

On Alexa ranking, 247realmedia.com has a global ranking of 15,821, it also ranked 8,646 in the United States. According to Alexa, the majority of the site’s traffic originates from Italy, followed by the U.S., France and Japan.

24/7 RealMedia : Social Media Presence

24/7 Media Inc has a fairly active social media presence, it’s social media pages are not as buzzing would as expected of a marketing expert. Averagely, its pages are updated every 2 days. The company has a meager 1,450 followers on Twitter, with 511 tweets posted to date. On Facebook, the company has just 162 likes, although in its defense the page seems to have been created in April last year.

24/7 RealMedia : Website Security & Safety

The company’s  old and new site was rated as secure by Norton Safe Web, Google Safe Browsing and Mcafee Site Advisor. The tools reported that the site had no suspicious activities in the last 90 days, nor was it linked with other malicious sites or itself hosted malicious content.  Networking4all.com was unable to establish a solid connection with the site, it reported that the “SSL Certificate we found on this site is not meant for 247media.com, probably this is another site on the same server.”

24/7 RealMedia : Pricing & Packages

Understandably, the exact prices of 24/7 Media Inc’s products are not publicly available. The company works with numerous clients in many industries, each requiring a unique level of marketing input.

Some of the company’s popular products include AdStream, Global Web Alliance, Precision targeting and placement, site analytics, inventory and yield management, tracking, reporting and analysis and inventory and yield management.  When compared with a brick and mortar ad agency, 24/7 Media Inc. is evidently more diversified and particularly suited for the virtual world.

24/7 RealMedia : Shipping Rates & Policies

24/7 Media Inc. does not offer products to be shipped. Therefore, the company has no shipping rates or policy. 24/7 Media is a virtual marketing and advertising set up, its clients require specific services related to marketing, advertising and management. 24/7 Media Inc. operates in about 4 continents with about 20 sub divisions, its main headquarters is located in New York City.

24/7 RealMedia : Payment Methods Accepted

Owing to that fact that 24/7 Media does not offer products, but rather services, it was impossible to discover the company’s accepted payment methods. But as a competitive 21st century organization, we expect 24/7 Media to accept credit cards, e-money, bank wire and a few other payment options (particularly so because it operates in numerous continents).

24/7 RealMedia : Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

27/7 Media Inc. does not have a return, refund or exchange policy on its site because (as stated above), the company provides service rather than products.  As a marketing agency, 24/7 Media Inc. works as an outsourced hand for its clients (advertisers and publishers). “24/7 technology helps advertisers, agencies, and digital publishers enjoy greater control over their marketing strategies, their brands, and their data.”

24/7 RealMedia : Product images & screenshots
24/7 RealMedia Coupons
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